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Philosophy & Background




History and Practice  

I have been practicing law since August of 1998, first with Ruby & Batista LLP and then under my current law office,.  During that time I have specialized in estate planning (wills, trusts, etc.), estate litigation (disputes over wills, trusts, etc.), probatecontracts, real estate & property matters.   I also have ample experience in a wide range of cases involving consumer disputes, general litigation, and appeals.  
During my years as an attorney I have worked for medium-sized law firms and as a sole-practitioner.  I currently love being a sole-practitioner – it gives me a greater degree of personal, professional, and intellectual freedom that translates into more creative and effective solutions for my clients.  
My additional qualifications/licenses include: California Notary Public and California Real Estate Broker (inactive).  I am licensed to practice before all California State and Federal courts.  

Legal Philosophy  

         I am not your average lawyer, and frankly, I'm proud of that.  I have a very straight-forward, practical, and cost effective approach to the practice of law.  I try to solve legal issues with the simplest approach first -- not only does that have an intellectually persuasive power all its own but it can save thousands in fees.  I have had the good fortune of working for various state and federal judges and I believe it has shaped me into a pragmatic, rigorous, and fair-minded attorney.  In the end I never forget that you are paying me to achieve a result  -- not to simply go through the motions with a passive attitude.     
A lot is said about lawyers, most of it is bad.   I often feel the same way.  I have  observed too many attorneys being needlessly combative, unreasonable, obtuse, and generally "missing the forest for the trees" in everything they do.  Rest assured this is not my way.  Every good attorney I have ever seen over the years (there are plenty) had a certain down-to-earth, pragmatic, yet inspired approach.   I've been shaped in that mold and I work hard to keep it that way.   See my blog for much more on these topics.
A word about difficult cases: Anyone can win an easy case, but problem cases -- which most attorneys avoid -- are my specialty.   Frankly, they require a combination of creativity & heart not all that common among "inside the box" lawyers.  If you have been told that you have "no case" call me.  We'll see if we can figure out a way.     

General Fee Structure  

While the “going rate” for certain legal work is always a factor in any appropriate fee, I also try to have the fee fit the overall circumstances of the case and the work I do on it.  My goal is to charge a fair and reasonable fee.   

Low Cost Estate Plans

I offer some of the best quality & lowest cost estate planning services anywhere.  Whether you need a trust, will, power of attorney, or other type of estate plan, I take the time to understand and appreciate your unique family dynamic and I make sure that your plan gets implemented, not mine. 

Interestingly, I've noticed that some people seem leery about my reasonably-priced estate planning prices -- I usually just smile and tell them that as part of my commitment to their satisfaction I would be happy to accept double if it makes them feel more secure.  Nobody has yet taken me up on the offer!  (See Frequently Asked Questions about my estate planning services).  

In the past fifteen years I have done over 2,500 wills, trusts, deeds, health care directives, and powers of attorney ,and I am confident that my services are among the best anywhere.  Additionally, I have been in court countless times over will/trust disputes which has given me an invaluable "what actually happens in the long run" perspective on proper estate planning.  

Check out my blog for occasional stories on how things can go wrong with ill-fitted estate planning.