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Thank you for inquiring!  Here's a little bit about me and how I practice law. 

 Areas of Specialty & Office Locations

        I specialize in Estate Litigation, Estate Planning, Trusts & Wills, Probate, Contracts, Real Estate, and I have a high success rate with the Appeals I've done.  With offices (contact) in Sacramento & Nevada City, I represent clients in all Courts along Northern California's Highway 80 corridor including Sacramento County, Nevada County, and Placer Yolo Counties.   

Commitment to My Clients

My aim is to provide the highest-quality representation anywhere.  I have the experience, aptitude, skill and motivation to deliver on that promise.  If for some reason I cannot deliver on that promise I'll get you to somebody who can.  My top priority is to help you -- one way or another.   I don't mind giving free advice to those in need.  

I have much to say about law, lawyers, judges, and my practice so please check out my Philosophy & Bio page and blog.   

My Approach
     Estate Litigation:  Do you have a parent or spouse that has died and there is controversy surrounding a willtrustestate plantrustbeneficiarytrustee, or probate?  Such cases are "estate litigation" matters.  I love fighting the good fight to ensure justice is done, and I will do my best to help you resolve the matter to your satisfaction.  First I will try to resolve the matter informally (without court involvement), but, if that fails and full-scale litigation or trial ensues, I will achieve your best-case outcome through a firm, fair, and smart approach.  Accepting and prevailing in "long shot" or "underdog" estate litigation cases is a source of deep personal pride for me.  If you have a difficult situation, or have been turned away by another attorney, give me call or send me an email -- we'll see what we can do.  

Estate Planning:  If you need estate planning, including wills & trustspower of attorneyhealth care directives, etc., I will take the time to understand your unique circumstances to make sure your plan is right.  The absolute key to a proper estate plan is thoughtful analysis of a client's unique family circumstances.  While most estate plans have much of their content the same, it is the attention to unique circumstances that makes all the difference (see Frequently Asked Questions about my estate planning services).  Issues that can pose planning challenges include:

committed relationship but not married? 
Second Marriage?
Children by a prior marriage
Minor children living elsewhere (even part time)?
Mixed families
Special needs for you, your spouse, or children?  
Civil Union or Life Partnership?  
Assets over 1.5 Million? 
A combination of the above? 

Glossary Of Helpful Terms To Know
No matter where you are in your search for law or lawyers here are a few helpful terms and ideas to know related to my areas of specialty: Will & Pour-Over Will, Trust, Estate, Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration, Litigation, Estate Litigation, Trial, Contracts, Real Estate, Appeals, Pay On Death Beneficiary Designation, Intestate, Joint Tenancy, Power Of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, EdwardBatista's Blog.